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For over a quarter of a century, our company has specialized in importing, manufacturing and marketing goods from Southeast Asia for regional and national distributors.

Wholesaler and importer, specialized in smoking articles, we carry one of the most complete collection in Europe with the largest selection of lighters as well as a wide range of gifts and gadgets.

We are an exclusive agent in France and overseas territories of the Tröber company based in Hamburg, Germany. The company has been the European leader for 50 years in the smoking articles and gifts business.

We are Exclusive distributor of the Pierre Cardin brand for lighters as well as the writing range and office in the distribution sector, as well as Tröber’s own brands (Atomic - Gianni - Cozy - Coney - Premio) and in watchmaking of the Pierre Itier and Tigils brands.

As a member of the European Union of Lighters Importers E.L.I.A.S "European Lighter Importers Association", all of our products are guaranteed to fully meet all French and European safety standards.

The goods are stored in our warehouses in Villeurbanne (near Lyon) and Hamburg (Germany), which is equivalent to approximately over 12 million lighters in permanent stock.

Depending on the quantities requested, we will study all inquiries for customization and specific manufacturing.

The entire sales team is here to help you.

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